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        3. FineFog? - Firefighting

          DESMI has supplied water-based firefighting solutions to all kinds of vessels around the globe.

          Benefits of the Fixed Water-Based Fire-Fighting Systems:

          • Up-to-date development ensures rule compliance and system reliability
          • High-efficient fire extinguishing or suppression
          • Quality components used through system design
          • Easy service, maintenance and trouble shooting due to modular design
          • Compact design, small pumps, pipes, tanks and etc.
          • Low water flow rates/water consumption Low installation, operation and maintenance costs
          • World-wide service and technical solution support
          DESMI FineFog? - Fire Fighting

          Fire-Fighting System for Machinery Space

          Water Sprinkler System for Accommodation

          Low Expansion Foam Fire-Fighting System

          Water Spray / Deluge / Drencher System

          The benefits of DESMI onboard firefighting systems

          In marine applications, DESMI’s FineFog? Fixed Water-Based Firefighting systems offer a safe, low-pressure alternative.

          For machinery spaces, DESMI offers its low-pressure, water-based FineFog? system. FineFog? dispenses a mist – like a fog. “You can kill the fire much easier with mist than by just pouring water on it. These millions of small droplets absorb much more heat, and oxygen is displaced locally at fire source. As a result, an inerting effect is generated, effectively killing the fire,” Christian says.

          High Efficiency and Reliability

          Fire-Fighting System for Machinery Space

          The DESMI local application Fire-Fighting System is a low pressure FineFog? fixed water-based system using fresh water, approved for use as a local fire protection system for high risk objects

          Most effective for fire at its early stage

          Water Sprinkler System for Accommodation

          DESMI Water Sprinkler System is a conventional sprinkler system designed as a so-called wet pipe system. A wet pipe sprinkler system is fixed fire protection using piping filled with pressurized water supplied from a dependable source.


          FineFog? Fire-Fighting System for Algoma

          DESMI has signed a fire-fighting package contract for a new building project at 3. MAJ shipyard Croatia. The project is a series of Great Lakes self-unloading bulk carriers, (hull numbers 732/733/527/528/529) classed by LR, and registered under Canadian flag.

          For safe, easy and reliable operation

          Low Expansion Foam Fire-Fighting System

          The DESMI fixed low expansion foam fire-fighting system is developed to protect the oil and chemical tanker deck
          areas, helidecks or other open deck areas (e.g. bow/stern loading areas) as well as closed horizontal spaces (e.g. streamer reel, purifier room).

          Conveniently accessible & great heat absorbing capabilities

          Water Spray / Deluge / Drencher System

          Water is an ideal extinguishing medium for many shipboard applications. It is conveniently accessible, has great heat absorbing capabilities and can be used on a variety of fires.

          Why Choose DESMI Fire-Fighting System?

          DESMI FineFog? Brochure

          Fixed Water-Based Fire-Fighting Systems

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