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        3. Pumps for Desalination

          Both thermal and membrane - DESMI has the pump to cover your needs

          Desalination is a process for producing drinking water and service water from seawater and with pumps from DESMI you are ensured a perfect desalination process.


          DESMI pumps are well-known all over the world for their long lifetime, low maintenance costs and?low NPSH values. DESMI centrifugal pumps are an obvious choice for water purification?systems?or reverse osmosis (RO)?treatment.

          DESMI DSL for which can be used for desalination applications



          The powerful DESMI?DSL?double suction pump is perfect for seawater?intake – and DESMI has a full range pump program for brine, recirculation, backwash and transfer.

          Global Contacts

          DESMI is a global company

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