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        3. Trash Containment and Recovery Units

          Removal, containment and collection of floating trash in rivers, channels and waterways. The trash and marine debris containment units represents a selection of our green technologies dealing with marine debris challenges.

          The units are designed to collect and remove all trash, plastic and floating garbage.

          ENHANCER Series

          Marine Life Friendly Trash Remover

          The simple, and consequently reliable, DESMI Enhancer has a proven record for removing floating trash in rivers, channels, streams and other areas with flow in one direction. It is a floating basket with front entrance and front brackets allowing connection to booms giving the opening required.

          Advantages of ENHANCER Series:


          • Simple and strong construction
          • Designed to contain & recover all type of marine debris
          • Operates under a wide range of tidal conditions and water flow
          • No harm to the environment & marine life
          • Low maintenance
          • High recovery capacity

          TREAT Series

          Affordable and Portable Trash Remover

          The units under the TREAT series are lightweight, low cost, waste recovery units and designed for the use in areas with lower capacity demand and with eventual difficult or limited access.

          RISE Series

          Automated Trash Remover System

          DESMI units under Rise – series are smart surface debris collection systems. These automated systems are designed to guide the marine debris for easy recovery with perforated belt designs. Serving the efficient purpose to remove the floating surface debris, while allowing the water to pass and intending to allow marine life to stay unharmed.

          Advantages of RISE Series:


          • Simple and strong construction - High durability
          • Easy to assemble and operate
          • Up to 3,500 kg recovered waste per hour
          • Operates under a wide range of tidal conditions and water flow
          • No harm to the environment & marine life
          • Low maintenance & energy consumption
          • Reduce health risk to the operator

          AWARE Series

          Remote Friendly Trash Remover

          The DESMI AWARE is a unique series that includes remote controlled mobile units, designed with entrance opening placed at the water level to allow free flow of water surface trash to enter waste collection bag.

          Advantages of Aware Series:


          • Easy to assemble
          • Require less storage space
          • Easy to operate
          • Easy to launch
          • High collection capacity

          SWEEP Series

          Ocean Friendly Trash Remover

          Combatting Marine Pollution with the SWEEP – series will result in a much cleaner shoreline and reduce the plastic in the water significantly. The concept is well proven within the Oil Spill Combat industry when recovering heavy fractions of oil/tar balls.

          Advantages of SWEEP Series:


          • Long lasting durability
          • Easy to assemble
          • Easy to Operate
          • Design giving low shipping cost
          • Up to 3,500 kg recovered waste per hour

          The Hyderabad Project

          The project in Hyderabad is to express the willingness of all parties DESMI – WRI India – HMDA, Govt. of India, to engage in conducting a clean-up project upstream to the Hussain Sagar lake (the World’s largest heart shaped lake) in Hyderabad, India.

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