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        3. Selection programs

          Find curves for existing pumps, get GA drawings for initial designs and compare efficiency, motor power, NPSH and other data to find the right pump.


          DESMI ROTAN Selection Program
          Version 5.67 DB:425 expiry date 31.01.2024




          DESMI Centrifugal Pumps Selection Program (WinPSP)
          Version 3.27 DB:545 expiry date 31.01.2024



          Need distributor access?

          Request your username and password here

          Read the DESMI privacy policy here http://www.bamboobatu.com/privacy-notice/
          We have developed an app which makes it easy to find the optimal pump for your scrubber project in a few simple steps

          Our scrubber pumps have a lifetime of more than 20 years and it only takes about five minutes to find the one that is right for you. Simply just:


          • Run the app from your web-browser
          • Download the results as an excel file


          To gain access to our scrubber pump selection program, fill in the form below.

          Scrubber Pump Selection App

          Want to find your next scrubber pump?

          Gain access to the Scrubber Pump Selection App here

          Read the DESMI privacy policy here http://www.bamboobatu.com/privacy-notice/

          Global Contacts

          DESMI is a global company

          Find address and contact information of our global locations

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