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        3. The DESMI Sea Turtle Sargazo Project

          In 2015, DESMI began the DESMI SEA TURTLE – SARGAZO initiative.

          In 2015, DESMI began the DESMI SEA TURTLE – SARGAZO initiative to find an alternative solution to handle the massive algae arrival on the Caribbean beaches and the first sargazo mechanical remover unit was named DESMI SEA TURTLE. It was based on a weir skimmer unit with a special arrangement that allowed the removal of the sargazo algae from the water free of sand.

          Special DESMI floating barriers were designed to deflect the seaweed. All eco-friendly and able to withstand long-term environmental conditions.

          The initiative produced a configuration efficiency of up to 80%.

          By January 2016, DESMI successfully installed the first complete DESMI SARGAZO BOOM configuration.

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