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        3. Pumps without breakdown for Campco Chocolate

          Campco Ltd., Mangalore in India, is one of the leading manufacturers of semi-finished items like cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and finished products in molded line, count line, chocolate drink etc

          The factory has also entered into technical cooperation venture with NESTLE (India) Ltd. for diversifying product brands.

          Campco has used DESMI ROTAN??pumps, for many years without any breakdown. Campco is very much satisfied with the pump performance in the critical chocolate applications.


          The long co-operation and local Indian support from our DESMI office in Hyderabad has made Campco Ltd. procure pumps for other requirements too.

          Why Campco choose DESMI ROTAN??pumps:

          • Extremely good pump performance
          • DESMI unique main bearing includes a lip seal to prevent the lubrication fat to ”escape” and special support ring to hold the lubrication fat in place, even at high pressure in the lubrication chamber, and is provided with four holes, 90o?apart, for effective lubrication of the bearing.


          DESMI ROTAN??pump type delivered: HD 66 ECHD 1M22B & HD 51 ECHD 1M22B.

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