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        3. Drainage of Sewage from Fanø to Esbjerg

          Fan? is a 56 km2 elongated sand island, situated in the Wadden Sea off Esbjerg. Since 1994 DESMI has provided service to the biggest pumping station on Fan?. The pumping station ensures drainage of all sewage from the island to the mainland.





          The biggest pumping station on Fan? is equipped with two big Hidrostal centrifugal screw pumps, delivered and serviced by DESMI.
          The pumps daily pump 600-800 m3 sewage from Fan? to the mainland, corresponding to an annual quantity of approx. 230,000 m3 sewage.

          DESMI has delivered pumps and provided service to the pumping station since 1994, and Jens Brinch from the local waterworks is very satisfied with the co-operation and says,

          ”I am very pleased with our contract with DESMI. The pump service runs automatically and the pumps fully live up to our expectations of reliable operation in connection with drainage of sewage from Fan? to Esbjerg”.

          For many years Fanø has built up the sewage system including approx. 65 smaller pumping stations situated around Fanø.

          DESMI services the pumps at least once a year to ensure stable operation and long life of the pumps.

          ”The pumps are located in a vital place in the sewage system in Fan? and consequently, there are high demands on operational reliability and operating economy. DESMI helps to ensure this based on a service contract where we check the mechanical state of the pumps and their efficiency”, says Johan Schwerin, Service Manager at DESMI.