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        3. District Heating Pumps for Gdansk

          When responsible for 50% of the district heating network in Gdansk, it was most important that the new pumps were of high capacities and DESMI could deliver that as standard.

          High Capacities and Good Price
          Two years ago Grupa GPEC decided to change three of their district heating pumps for the pump station of SPC-Wilenska.

          The plant supplies the district heating for approx. 50% of the population in Gdansk so it was important to find a pump that could handle high capacities and secure a reliable operation.

          Plant Manager Krzysztof Rynkowski explains:

          ”We are a high pressure station and our district heating networks operates from 0 to 112 meter in height so it was important to have pumps that could handle this. With the DESMI pumps that was not a problem - and combined with a good price, it was an easy choice. The DESMI pumps were chosen and we are very pleased with the solution. The three pumps are efficient and work very well”.

          The three pumps delivered has shown amazing results in efficiency and run approximately 12 hours a day and are of the type: NSL300-525B/ A12-L







          THE DESMI NSL

          The NSL range of pumps represents high efficiency, low NPSH values, easy to installation and low maintenance. The NSL series is widely used within different applications and markets.

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