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        3. DESMI Pumps on board frigates in the Royal Danish Navy

          Shock rated and high-efficiency DESMI pumps on board.

          Iver Huitfeldt, Peder Willemoes & Niels Juul - all these three frigates have shock rated and high-efficiency DESMI pumps on board

          The frigates are built at Odense Staalskibsv?rft for the Royal Danish Navy - and DESMI supplied the full pump packages.


          The pumps are used for a number of different applications:

          • Fire
          • Cooling (AC Refrigiration, Machinery)
          • Ballast / Heeling
          • D.O. Transfer
          • Boiler Water Circulation
          • Seawater Cooling
          • Fresh Water Cooling
          • A/C and Provision Cooling
          • Fresh Water Hydrophore
          • Etc.


          All pumps are shock-rated and live tested according to NATO STANAG 4142 and a live test video is available on our website:


          Further, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has evaluated all DESMI pumps and issued certificates on the shock performance.

          Fact Box on the Niels Juul frigate

          Displacement: 6,600 tonnes
          Length: 138.70 metre
          Width: 19.75 metre
          Draught: 5.30 metre
          Speed: 28+ knot
          Range: 9,000 sea mile
          Crew: 100 people (load capacity 165 people)


          Built at Odense Staalskibsv?rft in 2009
          Launched December 21st 2011.