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        3. Career at DESMI

          Why DESMI is a Great Place to Work


          At DESMI the employees are the key to our success. Therefore we continuously strive to create an attractive working environment in which a high level of professional competence and expertise match staff welfare, commitment and job satisfaction.



          At DESMI you will be part of an international environment, with many colleagues from around the world. Our official language is English, and as a DESMI employee you will experience a work day full of interesting, challenging and varying tasks.

          DESMI is about Proven Technology!


          At DESMI we develop, manufacture, sell and service pumps and pumping solutions incl. environmental equipment and through our work we strive to be the best and to act in accordance with our commitment to the UN sustainable development goals and along with our many environmental technologies and solutions, DESMI is part of numerous partnerships and projects working towards a 'greener' tomorrow.?

          Global Contacts

          DESMI is a global company

          Find address and contact information of our global locations