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        3. Genuine Spare Parts & After Sales Service

          All You Need - Service has Never been Easier

          DESMI supplies spare parts and Spare Parts Kits for all your DESMI pumps throughout the pump’s entire lifetime. - We provide Spare Parts Kits for trouble-free, easy, and simple maintenance and overhaul of your pumps.


          We consider your problem our challenge!

          DESMI 48 Fast Track

          Pump Replacement Within 48 hours

          DESMI 48 is a fast track service concept which means that we can supply a selection of pumps within two working days


          DESMI After Sales Brochure

          Genuine Spare Parts Kits & DESMI 48

          WHY DESMI?

          The many benefits

          ? Day-to-day delivery
          ? Easy and convenient parts purchase
          ? Minimized downtime
          ? Special tool included
          ? Good overview of your spare parts stock
          ? Most spare parts kits cover more pumps (same spare parts kit)


          (Spacer with heavy bearing bracket) - overhaul video


          Overhaul - NSL Centrifugal Pump. For this overhaul the service engineer will use DESMI spare parts kit with genuine spare parts.

          Global Contacts

          DESMI is a global company

          Find address and contact information of our global locations

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